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The MOPEAD project: Advancing patient engagement for the detection of “hidden” undiagnosed cases of Alzheimer's disease in the community

In most, if not all health systems, dementia is underdiagnosed, and when diagnosis occurs, it is typically at a relatively late stage in the disease process despite mounting evidence showing that a timely diagnosis would result in numerous benefits for patients, families, and society. Moving toward earlier diagnoses in Alzheimer’s Read & Research Alzheimer’s More

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  1. Comment by Carlene Altom:

    I tried to get my husband diagnosed 7 years ago and was basically laughed at. He was finally diagnosed 8/17 and is now what I call stage 5. Early onset Alzheimer’s. He is now 57. I have a support group I started online for wives caring for spouses with Early onset. The youngest wife is 25 and her husband is 31. We all agree that we have been treated poorly by the healthcare system when we first mention it. It’s not until they are late stages that w are taken seriously. We did the lumbar puncture with the Mayo Clinic.

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