Alzheimer’s Songs

Music is a powerful tool in the fight against Alzheimer’s.

We believe Music is one of the most powerful forces on Earth. Many who get Alzheimer’s can still sing some of their favorite songs at the late stages of the disease when all else seems lost, they sing old songs perfectly on key. Keep the music in their lives. Keep them Happy. If you have a song you would like added here, let us know. Thanks for listening!

Watch Music Bring Back Memories for Alzheimer’s Patients

If you know someone with Alzheimer’s that seems sad and does not communicate or participate in activities lately, do them the favor of buying them a cheap MP3 Player such as an iPod for them and loading it with their favorite songs from their youth. You will be amazed at how they come back into their personality both during and after the music session. You just might be able  to enjoy your loved ones like they were once again! Good Luck!

From His Window

Originally Uploaded on Jan 16, 2010

From His Window, is a touching music video about Alzheimer’s. It was produced by The Moore Center, in partnership with Musicians for a Cause, to bring awareness to the issues faced by families caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease. The Moore Center provides support people affected by Alzheimer’s through their Moore Options for Seniors program. For more information please visit

Our thanks to John Smith for writing such a beautiful song.

Kenny Chesney – While He Still Knows Who I Am

Originally Uploaded on Jul 1, 2012

In November 2011, my father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. From that day forward, I was determined he would not forget me … or I him.

Kenny Chesney ‘s While He Still Knows Who I Am is exactly where I am right now, unscripted.

Jerry Lansdowne – I’M NOT ME ANYMORE

Originally Uploaded on Jul 27, 2010

Once a songwriter for Johnny Cash, Jerry Lansdowne sings about the thoughts, fears, anger and anguish that fill the mind of someone slowly being devoured by Alzheimers.

Special thanks to those whose photos made this project possible. Alzheimer victims and their families throughout the world are deeply grateful.

Liz Longley –  Unraveling

Liz Longley wrote the song titled “Unraveling” after her grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and Liz watched her suffer as the disease progressed. Her grandmother, an avid antique collector, soon forget the meaning of each piece and the names of her family members. The lyrics of “Unraveling” tell the story of watching a loved one slip away.

Liz Longley playing piano at the Coopers House house concert on July 16, 2011.

Louise Van Aarsen – REMEMBER

This Video was produced in support of Alzheimer’s awareness. This song was written as a tribute to her mother, who passed away with/from Alzheimer’s november 2009.

I Will Remember For You – A Tribute to Families Facing Alzheimer’s

Few things are as precious to us as family memories. When a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or another dementia threatens those memories, families must find ways to remember for their loved one. I Will Remember For You is a tribute to the millions of families facing Alzheimer’s every day.
How do you remember for your loved ones diagnosed with Alzheimer’s?
The song in this video, “I Will Remember for You,” is written and performed by David Michael Mainelli.

I Will Remind You – Brian Asselin & Eric Disero

I Will Remind You by Brian Asselin and Eric Disero. Available for purchase on iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon, and Half of all proceeds from this song are being donated to Alzheimer’s disease research.