Our Mission

To cure Alzheimer’s.

We are working to Archive every bit of information on Alzheimer’s Disease we can find as a single collective data set in order to Cure Alzheimer’s through the internet and the power of Crowd Sourcing.

We are attempting to create an archive of every single mention of the word Alzheimer’s on the world wide web. Every website, every image, every video, every tweet, group and mention we can find. The only way to see all the information and analyze it is to put in one place. This is that place. The information will be freely available to all. We need your help though. This task (creating a search engine from scratch) is not free nor easy alone and underfunded. Are you mad enough to help yet? Do you feel like screaming #FuckAlzheimers! in the streets yet? It won’t work. Trust us…

Will an Alzheimer’s Search Engine work?

If done properly, our work will be used as a tool for researchers to find similarities and patterns within the data set our Crowd Source collects and that will lead to finding a cure for Alzheimer’s. We are 100% sure of it. With your help, we can do this!

Can you help?

We are looking for a few good volunteers, grant funding & strategic industry partner alliances to help us achieve our mission and establish a nonprofit for our cause in order to really start a movement.

If you have been affected by Alzheimer’s or know someone who has and feel compelled into action then please

join us as we #FuckAlzheimers and help us where you can. Any and all help is greatly appreciated here! A simple share will do!

About us.

This website and mission was conceived of and founded on Sunday May 19th, 2013 at 4:30 AM by a former Caregiver, a Husband, Father of 3, webmaster, digital artist, do good activist & computer technician. A single man on a mission. A mission to End Alzheimer’s before it’s too late for his own Family. A man who was wronged by Alzheimer’s not once, but twice and I’m determined to make a difference through research.

I am a Man that will stop at nothing to raise awareness & help find a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease even if I stand alone in my fight.

It started with a comment to myself. It will end with millions of comments. Millions of People who agree to help #FuckAlzheimers! Are you pissed at Alzheimer’s yet? Join the Cause Now!

Want some stress relief?

1. Go out into the street and scream Fuck Alzheimer’s! Why? Because it feels good!

2. Upload a video on youtube or vine of you screaming our name. Come on, you know you want to! Hash Tag #FuckAlzheimers.

3. Why in the world would you upload a video on youtube or vine smashing stuff while screaming our name? This has been proven to help relieve stress. Just Trust Us & Try It! Don’t Forget To Hash Tag #FuckAlzheimers So Our Community Can Find It! Please only smash your own stuff and always clean up after yourself. Have fun getting out some pent up anger and remember, this is for a good cause! This is for that person in your life who has or had Alzheimer’s. Feel free to dedicate your videos to your loved ones also.

4. Hashtag #FuckAlzheimers on every social media you belong to. Paint the WORLD red with it. Use it to connect with others.

Thank You! Peace.